Time for fun with Rooibos tea, especially when you have chocolate and mint playing together in the same sandbox . . . or teacup, I should say. I’ve always been a fan of the peppermint patty, devouring whole bags or boxes of them at a time. Let’s say York and I are intimate friends! But when I swallowed a mouthful of Chocolate Mint Rooibos, a blend of dark Cacao Nibs and Mint leaves, I found a new liquid version of a special friend.

Studies are showing the health benefits of chocolate, especially dark chocolates. Flavanols in the cocoa beans have been found to have anti-oxidant effects, which means they help reduce the cell damage that comes from heart heart disease. So now it’s time to run out and buy a box of Godiva chocolates to wolf down? Not so fast! Many of the chocolates we purchase have fats, sugars, and other additives which are not conducive to heart health, and they can be disaster for diabetics. So dark chocolate in moderation isn’t necessarily a bad thing, which makes sipping a chocolate tea even more fun.

Some of the benefits of drinking Rooibos tea are: improved cardiovascular fitness, helps increase insulin production after eating–also will help reduce fasting insulin levels, excellent bronchodilator, can help function as a light anti-spasmodic.

With this particular blend, the taste of chocolate hits your palate with a bang, leaving a cool, tingly aftertaste in its wake. Most delicious! Like the Orange Cinnamon tea I mentioned in a previous post, this one needs to steep several minutes to bring out the full taste. But it’s definitely worth the wait.