As you’ll soon learn, there are all kinds of salts out there, and while some of us are told to watch our salt intake for various health reasons, those who can enjoy it have every reason to do so with Fleur De Sel. This salt is harvested in France by hand by workers who scrape off the top layer of salt from the salt pans, after drying in the sun and wind.

What you get is a moist salt with a well-defined crystalline structure that makes it unique to most salts. However, this is a finishing salt, too, and should NOT be used in the cooking process. This special salt is supposed to be sprinkled on top of food after its preparation so the flavors come through better.

Some say they’ve tasted after notes that are flowery, but I’m here to tell you, from personal experience, this salt doesn’t have floral tastes! However the taste is milder than other salts and would be a great ingredient to top off your next special dish. If you’d like to know a little more about Fleur De Sel, you can watch the video below:

About Fleur De Sel