Have Fun Drinking Yerba Mate!


gourdbombilla strawHave you ever been in a specialty supermarket and saw those funny silver straws and neat looking gourds? I have, and I bought two gourds and two straws–All because I wanted to drink Yerba Mate the “right” way!

Of course you can always resort to the more modern way. Just steep the Yerba Mate in a cup of hot water and drink. But that’s no fun. But those gourds and straws look so complicated to use. Are they??

Of course not! Unlike Matcha tea (which is super simple to make), you don’t have to wisk anything together, and you don’t have to wait for a while to steep. Once your gourd is “seasoned,” all you do is put in a scoop of tea in your gourd, pour hot water, and sip from your bombilla straw: IT’S THAT SIMPLE!

What does it mean to season your gourd? Seasoning the gourd prepares it better to bring out the flavor of the Yerba Mate so you can enjoy it more. Before you drink from it, put in a scoop of Yerba Mate, add hot water, and let it sit overnight. Do this before going to sleep, and you’ll be ready for a morning dose of Yerba Mate.

When you’ve finished drinking, wash out the contents and dry off the outside of the gourd. Take a couple of paper towels and absorb as much wetness as you can. Store gourds in a dry place. Simple wash the bombilla straws like you would any other utensil.

The bombilla straw is a straining straw. It keeps out tea particles. The nice thing about this straw is that you can use it for ANY tea. Just throw in the tea and drink. Once you’ve invested in these tools, you’re ready to rock and roll with Yerba Mate or any other tea.

We do have some gourds and straws in the shoppe, so come by and check them out. Make your next tea drinking experience a simple and exciting one.

Cinnamon Orange, A Flirty Tasting Tea Blend

Hooray! We’ve just received a couple of our new teas, and couldn’t wait to taste one of the flavors right away. Though not a blend I might consider picking up in a store, the aroma wafting from the bag nearly bowled me over. Rich with the scents of citrus mixed with cinnamon, the blend blazed with strong colors of orange peel, hibiscus, and blackberry leaf.

When I first poured the tea, the taste hit my palate as rather light, not in accordance with the strong smell I first enjoyed. However, as the tea seeped for several minutes, the flavors came out of hiding and ran around screaming wildly on my tongue. As I finished the cup, the cinnamon came out stronger, and the orange became the aftertaste. By the way, I added some stevia for light sweetness, and this rounded out the whole taste experience for this tea.

If you purchase this particular blend, the rich aroma will take you by surprise. The addition of cinnamon and tangerine oils actually give this herbal mix a “wet” look, unlike most teas you’ll see. For fun, I actually sipped this from my gaucho gourd, using my bombilla straining straw. Yes, I do use my gourds for more than just yerba mate, but more on that later.

If you’re looking for a strong, yet not overbearing taste, the Orange Cinnamon blend may be for you.