Okay, we aren’t a coffee shop, and we don’t serve it hot. If we get enough requests we may start offering some for sample tasting, but we have a happy selection of organic coffees from around the world. We also carry decaf that is water processed and flavors that are robust but not overwhelming. The bags are full 1-pound bags.

In general, the coffees we carry are all robust and a hot addition to your coffee drinking experience. We can keep adding to our collection if customer participation demands it. We also carry the Keurig pods for going green, decreasing the need for filters and k-cups. Check out our french presses and pour-overs.

Here are some of the choices on our shelves: Organic French Roast, Kona, Jamaica Blue Mountain, Sumatra Black Satin, Organic Timor, Highlander Grog, Cookiedoodle, Blueberry, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Coffee, Organic Decaf Swiss Water Peru,