Summertime is on us, hot and heavy, and Father’s Day is around the corner. We know it’s been long time waiting in the wings, but our first gift box is here: the Grill and Barbecue Gift Box.

In this jewel of a box are eight selections for all your grilling needs, enough to titillate your palate and create a splash at your next outdoor event. Listed below are what’s included in this yummylicious set and how to use it for your next piece of meat:

  • • Barbeque Spice – This is a favorite delicious grilling flavor – hot, full flavored and Smokey. Use for grilling, barbecuing, meat, steak, hamburgers, chicken and fish. Mix in tomato sauce, 1-2 TB. Per cup, or rub on dry, 1-2 tsp. per pound.
  • Blackening Seasoning – This blend of spices is straight from Cajun country. Inspired by the cuisine of the bayou. Cajun Black is must for the “blackening” grilling, but is also good for other foods from the region including chicken wings, chops, and steaks.
  • Steak and Hickory Smoke – This full flavored seasoning adds a rich and Smokey flavor when used on Steak, beef, Chicken or pork. It’s a favorite for grilled meats – simply shake on chicken, steaks, or pork before grilling.
  • Steak and Chop Rub – Rub into beef, pork or lamb just before grilling or broiling. For Better Burgers, add rub to ground beef to make flavorful hamburger patties or brush onto hamburger patties while grilling to add extra flavor.
  • Rib Rub – Dry Rib Rub or Rib Rub Seasoning. For wonderful flavor use on Ribs, barbecuing, meat and steak. Plan on using 1/4 to 1/3 cup of rub for each rack of ribs.
  • Smoked Sea Salt – A rich salt with a smooth yet full-bodied smoky flavor. Add depth to any savory dish. Goes well with grilled foods, seafood, vegetables, and soups.  Smoked sea salt is cured by a slow roasting of Red Alder under sea salt to produce its distinctive flavor and color.
  • Jamaican ‘Jerk’ Blend – Makes a wonderful spice rub for chicken, beef, pork, fish and shrimp. Sprinkle on pasta, egg salad, burgers, pizza for an exciting and new flavor experience. 3 Tbs jerk blend in a marinade per pound of protein. Let Marinate for up to 12 hours.
  • Poultry rub – Rub generous amount of spice on chicken, turkey or other poultry before roasting or grilling. Also try on vegetables, potatoes, and sweet potatoes.