New Tarot Card Decks & Oracles Have Arrived

Here in Nashville, TN, we’re becoming more of a metaphysical and new age shop. We’d debated long and hard about adding tarot and oracle decks to our inventory, and finally we did it! And here they are, our colorful oracle and tarot decks, with their gorgeous compelling artwork. If you look at the second picture you’ll see some decks you haven’t seen before. This is because these five decks are created by Nakisha Elsje VanderHoeven, indie artist, who painted the images for these cards. You won’t find them in any new age shop or bookstore. Her decks are called the following:

The Rabbit Tarot

The Ta Rat Tarot

The Blue Dog Rose Tarot

The Badgers Forest Tarot

The Riderless Tarot

Filled with adorable animal images, these decks are a joy to use. They work too. I did a brief 3-card spread for my niece. According to her, the reading was accurate.

The other decks and oracles are from Lewellyn and Le Scarabeo. We have samples you can view and feel so you know just what your’ getting.

Though many thing Tarot Cards and Oracle decks are occult, nothing could be further from the truth. They are esoteric in nature, bringing to light what you already know to be true inside yourself. I’ll never forget my first deck of tarot cards, the Mythic Tarot, complete with cloth and instruction book. I love my personal deck, and I’ve added som others over the years. We are hoping you’ll add one of these decks to your personal collection. We continually add new age and metaphysical items for your personal needs. The addition of tarot and oracle decks are our latest purchase.

Simple Ways To Use Vanilla Beans

I must admit that when I see whole vanilla beans, I just want to bypass them altogether. Why? Even people who are allergic to fragrance often admit they can tolerate the aroma of vanilla. Here’s the thing, it’s like everything else that first strikes you as rather strange, until you learn what all the fuss is about, and vanilla beans are no exception. If you don’t know how to use them, seeing them resting peacefully in their cute little glass vials is about all you’ll want to do.

Personally, all I’ve ever used is vanilla extract, but even that doesn’t give you the impact of the power of vanilla the way the bean does. And the nice thing is that you can use both the outside husk and the seeds inside to flavor up a dish or dessert you’re wanting to make.

There are different varieties of vanilla beans, some with eye- brow-raising price tags. Others are more economical. But overall, people tend to notice the hefty price tag on these aromatic treats of nature. What you may not know is that it can take a few years to grow the plants, and on top of that, the beans have to stay on the vine for nine months before they are harvested.

But one thing is for sure, these beanie babies are definitely worth the wait.  We’ve included a link to a short, concise video that will give you a quick overview on how to use vanilla beans. If you’re in the Nashville, TN area, you can purchase them from us!

How To Use Vanilla Beans