When we added the Auracacia lines earlier, we loved oils so much that we couldn’t resist adding another line quite different from the essential healing oils. But don’t let this line fool you. The scents are intoxicating and fun to wear, especially if you’re wanting to steer clear of commercial perfumes with all their hidden preservatives and toxic chemicals.

These oils are high quality and go great in diffusers where you can enjoy the scents in a room or even in a necklace diffuser you can wear around your neck so you can enjoy a whiff anytime you want it. We’ve added a fragrant assortment of floral, spicy, and woodsy scents so men and women can enjoy this line.

Many times scents are used in ceremonies to set the mood or to set an intent. When you inhale that fragrance, the psychic centers of your brain are stimulated, opening you up to a more receptive state. This enhances your meditative activities and brings about more satisfactory results. Certain scents can stimulate, relax, or increase libido.

If you haven’t used oils as part of your ceremonies or for personal use, you may find this form of fragrance exciting and creative.