Tea & Coffee


When you come into our shop, the first thing you’ll see on either side of you is the magnificent assortment of Teas and Coffees. We’re so excited about this, because all the flavors do a Rumba on your tongue!

The coffee is the newest addition to the Stardust family, and we’ve welcomed it with open arms. From the looks of our shelves, customers have too.

Everyone said that they liked the straight-forward coffee blends, no mess, no fuss. But to our amazement, the flavored coffees were the first to leave the shelves, so we’re adding more. Want a coffee that smooth on the tongue and easy on the stomach: Jamaica Blue Mountain. We suggest you save your pennies in your piggy bank and splurge on a bag of this at least once in your life. Once you taste it, we bet you won’t stop.

Just know that each flavor of coffee or tea is selected with care. We also carry herbal teas for those extra healing needs.